From Kings of Cornwall to the Annals of Wales in three small clicks

I am off to Cornwall next weekend for a week with the family and as with anything and anywhere I go it got me thinking of the history of the place.  So away I go googling to see what I could find on my favourite subject the Kingship.

Now within a couple of links I got onto Dungarth who was referred to as ‘rex Cerniu’,  King of Cornwall in the Annales Cambriae (Annals of Wales) as being drowned in 876.

I decieded to check deeper in to the Annales and was just in awe.  They are a set of complex Cambro-Latin chronicles deriving from a text compiled from different sources St Davids, Dyfed, Wales before the 10th Century.   Although the name mentions Wales there are events from all around the British Isles listed hence how I found the snippet on Dungarth.  The text also mentions Arthur and is argued to show his true existence.

Now the bit that I really wanted to share is the fact that the Annales are transcribed from the original text online.

Well worth a read and I was well and truly side tracked this morning.   I think it is great that we have the preservation of such texts and people who are willing to go and put the effort in to benefit everyone.   The page is now bookmarked and I am sure I will visit it time and time again to read!


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