2013 Happy New Year, and where I would like the blog to go

I thought now I am in a New Year that I would write a little as to what my dream is for this blog and where I would like it to go.  Anyone who has seen any of my tweets previously would of maybe seen a little of what I would wish to do if enough time was available. 

My initial thoughts around the blog where regarding how the different royal families around Europe were formed together and it was always royals marrying royals and the claims of different families to claims of the thrones.  I also wanted to learn more about European royalty and more regarding different parts of European history that I didn’t know.  From my opening blogs regarding the Normans and focusing purely on that family this has now become a little disjointed and I seem to be jumping from here to there with no continuity.  I almost got there with Queen Victoria’s children but not the level I would like. 

So to try and bring some continuity around the blogs that I am doing I am trying to create a database that lists all the royals from the different families and also digging deeper into each of the families.   I have started this and this is why post’s have been sparse a little at times over the last month or so as I have been concentrating on this. 
My dream would be to create a website where all this information would then be available with details of each person, and also paintings, pictures or statues that I could find.    I have played around with a couple of free sites but at the moment it is all a bit strange to me, so that is still in the pipeline and for now I am hoping to focus more on certain families and be a little more concentrated.

So here is to a good 2013 to everyone and hopefully a successful one.

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