Kings and Queens

I have deceided after many years of thinking about it to try and trace many different Royal families.  The main idea behind this was that many people talk about the Royal families of Europe being so interlinked that you at times could call them the Royal family of Europe.  This has fascinated me for a long time and Queen Victoria is the prime example of this, marrying her children off to different European families.

So slowly I am going to write many different articles about different families while trying to see where they are all linked as well as learning more out about each one.

I hope you enjoy anything that you read on here and comments are always welcome.


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One thought on “Kings and Queens

  1. Frank Parker

    This looks like an interesting blog but I can’t find anything about the author. It would be helpful to readers if you could let us know if you are a student, a profesional historian or an enthusiastic amateur.


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