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Sledda of Essex

Sledd (or Sledda) of Essex

Title : King of Essex

Reign : c 587 – c 604

Born :

Died : c.604

Spouse : Ricula, sister to King Æthelberht of Kent

Parents : Æscwine, King of Essex

Sledd was the son of Æscwine and the second king of the East Saxons and succeeded to the throne on the death of his father about c.587

Stedd married Ricula, sister to King Æthelberht of Kent and he was father to Sæberht whise rule began in c.604.  Another son is named as Seaxbald.

It could be said that due to the marriage of his sister, Æthelberht had allowed Essex to be slightly more self governing and the forming of the kingdom was finally rubber stamped.  z

During his reign he governed a large kingdom for Essex, which incorporated lands west of London and south of the Thames.