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The House of Plantagenets, the beginnings

So to try and stick with my previous post in stick with a ‘theme’ I am going to focus my next couple of pieces on the Plantagenet Kings of England and their families.  It is easy to see very quickly that the crown jumped between, brother, nephew, grandsons – with Queen Consorts and Princesses marrying two and sometimes three times making the web of succession and rule an every spiralling bigger mess.

I am going use the blog to chart my learning and the different paths that I travel down to try and understand the mess that was created within early Medieval England.

The Plantagenets ruled in England from 1154 when Henry II inherited the crown from his cousin Stephen after his mother Empress Matilda had negotiated the succession of the crown for her son.  This lasted until Richard III who died at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, the throne then passing to the victor of the battle his niece’s husband Henry Tudor beginning the dynasty of the Tudors.

Firstly I think it is important to try and understand who each of the Kings where and from whom they succeeded and from where they gained their right to claim themselves as King.  Below is a list of the different Plantagenet kings in chronological order.

The Plantagenets

  • Henry II, reigned between 1154-1189 and was the grandson of Henry I and the cousin of Stephen the previous King of England
  • Richard I ‘the lionheart’, 1189-1199, was the son of Henry II
  • John, 1199-1216, was the son of Henry II and brother to Richard I
  • Henry III, 1216-1272, son of John
  • Edward I ‘Longshanks’, 1272-1307, son of Henry III
  • Edward II, 1307-1327, son of Edward I
  • Edward III, 1327-1377, son of Edward II
  • Richard II, 1377-1399, grandson of Edward III, son of Edward of Woodstock

House of Lancaster

  • Henry IV, 1399-1413, grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt and cousin of Richard II
  • Henry V, 1413-1422, son of Henry IV
  • Henry VI, 1422- 1461 and 1470-1471, son of Henry V

House of York

  • Edward IV, 1461-1470 and 1471-1483, great-grandson of Edward III, son of Richard of Plantagenet and cousin of Henry VI
  • Edward V, 1483-1483, son of Edward IV
  • Richard III, 1483-1485, uncle of Edward V and son of Ricahrd of Plantagenet

Within the 331 years of Plantagenet rule many important events happened in England, from the signing of the Magna Carta, the Peasants Revolt, The Hundred Years War to the War of the Roses, the shape of England was truly taken from a fledgling nation to a real powerhouse within Europe.

I want to explore the reign of each of the Kings and breakdown things of interest which I will blog over the next coming weeks and months, whilst also looking at their Queen Consorts and the wider families that they married from.