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Sebbi of Essex

Title : King of Essex

Reign : 664 – c. 694

Born :

Died : 695

Spouse :

Parents : Sexred, King of Essex

Joint king with  Sighere from 664 – 683.

Sighere reverted to paganism and took alliance with Wessex, while Sebbi remained a Christian with an alliance from Mercia. King Wulfhere of Mercia, gained overlordship of Essex and sent Jaruman, Bishop of Mercia to re-convert all of Essex to Christianity.

In 686 Cædwalla a Wessex sub-king, established himself as overlord in Essex. He and Sebbi invaded Kent and expelled King Eadric and Sebbi ruled over West Kent.

It is said that Sebbi abdicated in c. 694 in favour for his sons Sigeheard and Swaefred who jointly ruled in Essex. Sebbi died in 695 and was buried at the Old St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Sighere of Essex

Title : King of Essex

Reign : 664 – 683

Born :

Died :

Spouse : Osyth, daughter of Firthwood, sub-king of Mercia

Parents :

Joint king with Sebbi.

Sighere and Sebbi were cousins of the previous king Swithhelm. Sighere returned to paganism while Sebbi remained Christian. A strong rivalry soon developed between the two with Sighere finding an ally in Wessex and Sebbi with Mercia.

King Wulfhere of Mercia took advantage and established himself as overlord in Essex. As part of this Sighere married Wulfhere’s niece Osyth, daughter of Firthwood, a sub-king of Mercia in Surrey.